The exhibition “The land has spoken” is an outcome of archaeologic exploratory works which have been conducted since 2015 in the former Nazi concentration camp outside today’s Museum area.

KL Stutthof was the place where Poles and men, women and children of 28 other nationalities were exterminated for the longest time. In 1939-1941 4,800 of the inhabitants of Gdynia were recorded as victims of the Stutthof camp. As a result of torturous work, undernourishment, illnesses, assaults and shots, at least 429 of the Gdynia inmates died. The exhibition will present pieces found during the exploratory works. There are objects have been directly connected with the functioning of KL Stutthof and, above all, ones which have witnessed the lives of people and the crimes they have experienced.

Location: Gdynia City Museum
Date: 23rd March – 30th June 2018