Joanna Kurkiewicz, Aleksandra Banaś

The exhibition “Design Lesson” is the result of the previous activities of the Institute of Design in Kielce and a subjective review of Polish brands which design for children. It is also a perfect occasion to meet and confront the world of the youngsters ruled by unlimited imagination with the world of the designers which, above all, is ruled by logic.

Those whose products we are presenting at the exhibition usually are small, family or one-man businesses. Their members cultivate artisan traditions and pass their experience down from generation to generation, which translates into the products’ quality.

Parents themselves who are used to patterns often forget that they have an influence on shaping their children’s tastes and choices. By making conscious consumer’s choices and responsible decisions, they become role models for children.

To meet the needs of the parents, the Polish brands produce short series of hand-made objects. They are defined by care to detail and quality, which gives them an advantage over commercial products. The exhibition presents the offer of Polish designers – furniture, interior décor elements, decorations, books, toys and clothes. Therefore, the division
of the exposition into four parts: Reading Room, Playground, Young Fashion and Children’s Room.

Exhibition curators:
Joanna Kurkiewicz
Aleksandra Banaś

exhibition coordinator:
Weronika Szerle

Exhibition opening: 16th March, 18.00
Location: Gdynia City Museum, ul. Zawiszy Czarnego 1
The exhibition is open for visitors until 10th June 2018.