11th Baltic Mini Textile Gdynia 8.03–9.06.2019

The Baltic Mini Textile Gdynia competition has been held in Gdynia since 1993. Over the course of 25 years, we have seen works by artists from all over the globe, including Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australia. The review was initiated and launched by the Gdynia-based artist Aleksandra Bibrowicz-Sikorska.

The exhibition features 50 textile miniatures selected by the jury of the 11th Baltic Mini Textile Gdynia competition from among 324 works submitted by 155 artists. This year’s GRAND PRIX of Mayor of Gdynia was awarded to Ieva Krūmiņa (Latvia) for her miniature Private Endlessness. The two equivalent Prizes of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship were awarded to Myriam Dion (Canada) for her Procession of Faith and Magdalena Soboń (Poland) for her Timeless drawings 2. The Gdynia City Museum Prize went to Baiba Osīte (Latvia) for Water Lilies. The jury also awarded four distinctions to Marijke Leertouwer (the Netherlands), Sue Stone (UK), Elizabeth Pien (Denmark) and Gertraud Enzinger (Austria).

The competition guidelines gave the artists a high degree of freedom when choosing their topics. However, there were several recurring themes and intersections which helped us connect works by artists from different places and allow them to enter into dialogue. At the 11th Baltic Mini Textile Gdynia competition, the artists frequently turned their attention towards the same fabric by exploring its limits; alternatively they posed questions about the world and what lies beyond it – what is material and nonmaterial, or physical and metaphysical. With this in mind, we organised the artworks into the following thematic blocks: Textile References, Crossing the Boundaries, Nature and Infinity.

The extraordinary attributes of textile miniatures were explored through their close ties with the latest trends in contemporary art. The strict size restrictions meant the resulting miniatures served as veritable laboratories revealing the new possibilities presented by artistic textiles. The small scale let artists experiment with complex, intricate techniques and use delicate, ephemeral materials. The huge variety of the artists’ own techniques and fascinating artistic solutions show us that textile miniatures are a fully independent, important genre, full of potential.

Anna Śliwa


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